About Us

We provide an invoicing/accounting service on an international basis to the Self Employed Contractor from our offices in the Channel Islands.

Our service provides:

  • Multi-currency invoicing;
  • Administration fee of 3% (minimum fee £20.00 GBP, maximum fee £200.00 GBP);
  • Accurate and timely payments to you or your contract workers bank accounts by UK Faster Payments, SEPA or international SWIFT;
  • Updates and advice to meet rapidly changing legislation;
  • End of year reports and summaries;  

Some of the advantages of utilizing our invoicing and payroll services are that …

  • You or your contractors avoid the high cost of establishing and maintaining a company.
  • You or your contractors may have the opportunity of establishing self employed status.
  • There are no start up or registration fees.
  • We only charge fees on a per item and pay as you go basis. There are no large or unwanted end of year bills or fees. Your costs can be easily managed as you only pay fees while you use our services.
  • The service is designed to be simple and easy to use. There is virtually no administration required by you.
  • You or your contractors will enjoy strict confidentiality in all dealings with us.

Our Offshore Payroll Service operates as follows :

At the end of the invoicing period (i.e. weekly, monthly etc.) you or your contractor(s) inform CCS (by telephone on +44 (0) 1481 832 481, eMail to Admin@CCSadmin.com or via the web site at www.CCSadmin.com) and dictate details of dates and hours worked. It is important to separate any overtime, special rate hours or expenses. This information will normally be taken from time sheets or contracts and must obviously agree with the records kept by the Agent and/or End Client.

CCS also offers a standard workbook to Agencies, Introducers and End Clients for completion on a regular period end basis. The workbook acts as both an instruction to CCS to raise and send invoices and a remittance advice for payments sent from the Agent to CCS. This is particularly useful for bulk processing where a single amount is sent to CCS for allocation to a number of individuals.

CCS generates invoices based on the information provided. At the same time the time sheets or work sheets required to substantiate the invoice should be posted or handed to the agent or employer.

The agent or employer then pays CCS. 

When CCS receives payment the contractors bank account is credited and details of the payment are sent to the contractors by way of text message and remittance advice note. CCS also generates an invoice on the contractors behalf (from the contractorac to CCS) for the payment amount. Our standard fee for provision of the service is 3% of the value of the invoice value raised. There is a minimum charge of £20.00 and a maximum charge of £200.00 per invoice. Payment may be made by UK Faster Payments (same day), SEPA or international SWIFT transfer (additional charges apply); At the same time as the payment is sent, both a remittance advice note (by eMail) and TEXT Message are sent to the recipient.

We operate and make payments to contractors 5 days a week. Unlike some other service providers you do not have to wait until the end of the week or month to be paid. Provided we know a receipt is for you, we will always make onward payment to you on the same business day.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and accuracy of our accounting services. Although you are not required to do much to use the service it is important that you make sure the information you give to us is correct. You will need to check the hours and rates of pay that you dictate to us. Payments can be delayed and agents may refuse to pay invoices if they are inaccurate. This may cause you to suffer additional costs and delays.

CCS is happy to provide earnings reports on request, for any specified period.